Security Audits and PCI compliance

Analyse, Assess & Protect

Have a team of experts probe your system to identify any potential weaknesses. Regular Audits by cyber-security professionals are essential to maintain a secure online business.

Safeguard your applications and prevent future breaches by checking the overall integrity of your network, ensuring your security is fully up to date. Ensure PCI compliance, allowing you to process card transactions safely on your site and reassuring your users that they can shop safely.

How Can We Help?

  • Protection
    By routinely checking for flaws, you can guarantee full protection at all times
  • Stay online
    By identifying issues early you can avoid the potential downtime that comes with discovering a flaw too late
  • PCI Compliance
    Manage online transactions securely and legally by gaining PCI Compliant status.
  • Identification
    Locate and remove any viruses or malware that may be present in your system
  • Upgrade
    Check the status of your current security software to see if any updates are required
  • Risk assessment
    Any threats discovered during a security audit will be given a rating based on severity

Why Choose A Security Audit?

Comprehensive reviews of your system can help identify weak points, potential vulnerabilities and analyse the overall quality of your network security.

Application and network configurations can be incredibly complex. With many unique components working in tandem it is inevitable that vulnerabilities gradually expose themselves. Without detection, these vulnerabilities can lie dormant, just waiting to be exploited by a malicious user to take your site down or steal private data.

Fortunately, with thorough, high-level security audits, your network integrity can be assessed in a controlled environment. This guarantees that any weak points are noted and reinforced, before they have the chance to be used maliciously. These vulnerabilities can range from an unprotected port, an unnecessary background process running or an out of date firewall policy. Identifying these things early and taking the necessary steps to eliminate them can help to reduce risk of future security breaches, ensuring your business continues to perform at its maximum capacity.

In the event of a cyber-breach that results in a loss of private customer data, the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) can issue heavy financial penalties to the business involved. Each HTTPShield security audit provides a detailed report providing insight into the integrity of the network. This documentation can mitigate the financial penalty by demonstrating that you are complying with modern security standards and performing regular audits.

PCI Compliance PCI stands for Payment Card Industry and is the online authority for sales online. If your website processes and stores customer payment card data, PCI Compliant is an essential status to have. In essence, this is an assessment to ensure that your site is using the necessary security required to protect sensitive payment data. It can also help to reassure your customers that they can safely order from your business – nobody wants to give their credit card information to a potentially unprotected site. HTTPShield offer a range of security solutions to help you achieve this essential compliance status.

Our Solutions

  • Cloud Web Application FireWall
  • DDoS Protection (HostGuard)
  • AI Monitoring, Detection & Prevention
  • Global Distribution. (CDN)
  • Safe DNS Management
  • Security Audits & PCI Compliance

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