Safe DNS Management

Manage your domains effortlessly and securely. HTTPShield provides all the tools necessary to securely manage and provision DNS records and services.

Manage DNS Securely

DNS Management doesn’t need to be risky or confusing. With HTTPShield you can manage your DNS configurations securely with ease. And because we exclusively use 2-factor authentication when signing in, you can easily limit access to authorised personnel only.

Key Features

  • Full Control
    Manage and modify your network domains from anywhere, using any browser
  • Industry leading Security
    2-factor authentication ensures that only necessary users are able to manage your domains
  • Simplicity
    Our straight-forward control panel allows for secure DNS management at the touch of a button, regardless of technical ability
  • Freedom
    Complete admin privileges, allowing you to decide exactly where your content is hosted
  • Support
    24/7 professional DNS support from our crack team of experts
  • Easy DNS Migration
    HTTPShield will automatically migrate your existing DNS records for easy migration

2FA (Two Factor Authentication)

All DNS Management from HTTPShield features 2 Factor Authentication as standard. A single password can be guessed or stolen and when it comes to full access to your domains, we don’t take that chance. By implementing 2 factor authentication, successful log in requires a password as well as an email confirmation. This provides an additional layer of protection on an already secured platform.

Our Solutions

  • Cloud Web Application FireWall (CloudFence)
  • DDoS Protection (HostGuard)
  • AI Monitoring, Detection & Prevention
  • Global Distribution. (CDN)
  • Safe DNS Management
  • Security Audits & PCI Compliance

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