Prevent a crippling online attack against your businesses. Successful DDoS attacks can be devastating. Achieve 24/7 DDoS protection with Hostguard.


Each year, an increasing number of online services are hit by a DDoS attack. These attacks often come without warning and, without proper online protection, succeed in their goal of taking online systems offline. With this statistic on the rise, the importance of permanent DDoS mitigation has never been greater. Luckily, Hostguard provides the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you have full, always-on protection against DDoS attacks.

First Line Defence

Although there are many different types of DDoS attacks, the core principle remains the same – to disrupt online services by flooding a server with an overwhelming volume of traffic. These attacks can be devastating to an online business as they often result in significant down time and can incur huge costs. Ensuring you have round the clock protection is paramount to provide a stable and reliable service to your users.

How It Works

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    Defending against a DDoS attack is not easy, mainly because the scope and size can vary. This creates multiple hostiles to defend against. By inspecting incoming traffic and recognising the early signs of a DDoS attack, Hostguard can re-direct the attacking users away from your web server, mitigating the attack instantly. In order to avoid the downtime associated with DDoS attacks, Hostguard will only filter out bad traffic during an attack, allowing genuine users to experience full functionality of the site, uninterrupted.

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    Fast, easy and Flexible

    Hostguard gives you the freedom to decide who can view your site based on geographic location or even individual IP addresses. If your online service is aimed at UK users specifically, with a few simple clicks you can block any IP addresses from outside the UK from accessing your site. By limiting the amount of traffic in this way, you can significantly reduce the chances of a DDoS attack originating outside of the designated location. Over time, if your requirements change and you wish to grant access to more global users, you can easily update the configuration to allow all users, or a specific IP address, from different countries.

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    DDoS attacks are unpredictable, so analysing traffic to ensure that you have round the clock protection is crucial. Hostguard is designed specifically to recognise surface level traffic associated with the first signs of a DDoS attack. Identifying the threat at surface level is key to ensure that harmful traffic can be diverted away before incurring potentially costly down time. Because the scale of volumetric attacks vary, Hostguard will defend against even the largest DDoS events, ensuring you are always protected, no matter how you are targeted.

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    Using a CDN to deliver your web content in conjunction with Hostguard offers additional protection from an impending DDoS attack. By routing all web content across a network of edge servers, you reduce the chance of any individual server being overwhelmed by user requests. This includes malicious traffic used in a DDoS attack. In the unlikely event a server does get targeted and taken offline, you are still able to use the rest of the network to continue delivering content seamlessly. Furthermore, distributing content using global edge servers separates user requests by location, allowing them to be filtered more effectively.

HostGuard Features

Simple Country Blocking / Whitelisting

A simple, easy to use approach to country IP blocking / whitelisting. Blacklist or whitelist entire countries by default.

IP Specific Access Control

Easily whitelist individual IP Addresses for secure site access. There are no limits to whitelist rules or IP's in your account.

FREE Lets Encrypt SSL

All domains hosted on HTTPShield include a FREE Lets Encrypt SSL. No technical skills required. When adding a domain to your account, we'll automatically provision and assign a free SSL to your domain name.

Upload & Apply your own SSL

Have your own SSL certificate? You can upload your SSL directly into your account and apply it to your domain name.

Safe DNS Management

Manage and provision your full DNS configuration within the HTTPShield application. Easily assign secure access to your IT company or Web agency to help manage your DNS configuration.

Protect up to Two DNS records with HostGuard

HostGuard provides DDoSx for up to a Maximum of two records. We recommend protecting the www and non-www A Records for your domain name.

Automatic Service Whitelisting

Whitelist services with the click of a button. We predefine and maintain a list of Whitelist IP Addresses for services like Google Shopping, WorldPay, SagePay and many more.

Our Solutions

  • Cloud Web Application FireWall (CloudFence)
  • DDoS Protection (HostGuard)
  • AI Monitoring, Detection & Prevention
  • Global Distribution. (CDN)
  • Safe DNS Management
  • Security Audits & PCI Compliance