Content DeliveryNetwork (CDN)

A global content delivery network engineered to reduce latency and accelerate page loads time.

Global CDN Network

Harness the power of our global Content Delivery Network to extend your reach and guarantee secure distribution of your web content worldwide. Deliver content from a location nearer to users to increase the speed of data transfer.

Accelerate load times and reduce the chances of downtime by utilising our sophisticated network of PoPs (points of presence), delivering cached web content to your users.

Key Features

  • Speed
    Reduce latency and increase page speed on your website by providing more servers for users to connect to
  • Content Distribution
    Spread your web content evenly over our network, reducing the strain on your origin server
  • Stability
    Ensure website uptime, even during periods of high traffic
  • Efficiency
    Deliver content efficiently by making use of state-of-the-art network protocols
  • Security
    Make use of Cloudfence and Hostguard to create a fully secure content delivery network
  • Support
    24/7 professional CDN support from our team of experts

Fast Delivery

Information transfer isn’t instantaneous – it takes time for data to travel from point A to point B. From a user’s point of view, this travel time translates into slow load times, unresponsive pages and typically, a generally frustrating experience. With the user experience being such a large focal point nowadays, any of these negative attributes can result in high bounce rates and ultimately, a loss in sales.

User experience aside, using a single web server to deliver all of your web content can also pose a huge risk from a security standpoint. Many methods of hacking attack the server directly, so using a single server to store your web content provides a unique focal point for attackers to target. If this attack is successful and your lone server goes down, your business is unavailable, and your customers are likely taking their money elsewhere. A rapid CDN combined with high-grade protection like Hostguard, can speed everything up whilst also providing powerful security.

When combined with Cloudfence, a CDN becomes a powerful cyber-security tool. Distribute fast content whilst simultaneously analysing all traffic travelling between users and the web servers to detect the early signs of an attack. In the event a single server gets taken offline, the rest of the network picks up the slack to continue delivering content.

Our Solutions

  • Cloud Web Application FireWall (CloudFence)
  • DDoS Protection (HostGuard)
  • AI Monitoring, Detection & Prevention
  • Global Distribution. (CDN)
  • Safe DNS Management
  • Security Audits & PCI Compliance

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